Omron Hem-7120 Digital BP Machine


Features of Omron Enhanced Intellisense BPM Fully automatic Personalised inflation level, no pain and discomfort Quick deflation release valve for speedy measurement Clear & large LCD display for easy reading User friendly operation with large button Technical Information Model: HEM-7120 Measurement Method: Oscillometric method Measurement Range: Pressure +3 mmHg Pulse +5% of reading Battery Life: Capacity of new…


Omron HEM 7120 Blood Pressure Monitor is a compact home BP monitoring device that allows users to conveniently monitor their blood pressure at home with the help of single touch operation. It comes equipped with the benchmark Enhanced Intellisense Technology powered with an algorithm that enhances measurement accuracy with a standard deviation of less than 4 mmHg.

Medium Cuff (22-32 cm)
Country of Origin: Vietnam


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