Hospital bed is usually designed specifically for hospitalized patient, includes customized advanced features that can be used as needed by patient. Hospital bed in Bangladesh is commonly known as medical bed and patient bed. Different types of medical bed is used in hospitals in Bangladesh, from general wards to specialized wards based on the condition of the patient. Currently, various types of hospital bed is available at affordable price on

What is the price of Hospital Bed in Bangladesh?

Medical bed price in Bangladesh is determined based on its type, features, quality, etc. In recent times, hospital bed price in Bangladesh starts from at least 10,000 BDT which is suitable for general ward. Moreover, a medical bed suitable for use in specialized wards of the hospital will cost at least 40,000 BDT.

How many types of Medical Bed is available in Bangladesh?

Different types of hospital bed is available in Bangladesh based on the need. However, medical beds can be broadly divided into three categories based on functionality.

Manual Bed: Hand crank is used to adjust the height of the head or foot of the manual bed. Manual bed is commonly used extensively in general wards of hospitals in Bangladesh where less critical patients stay for a few days.

Semi-electric Bed: Electric motor is used to raise and lower the head or foot of the semi-electric bed. However, the semi-electric bed requires the use of a hand crank to adjust the height like a manual bed. To buy a semi-electric bed in Bangladesh one needs to spend at least 25,000 BDT.

Electric Bed: The electric bed can be raised and lowered towards the head or foot and its height can be adjusted through the remote control system. Electric bed is widely used in specialized wards of hospitals in Bangladesh. One has to spend at least 50,000 BDT to buy an electric bed in Bangladesh.

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