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CPAP masks or BiPAP Masks and headgear come in many styles and sizes to comfortably treat sleep apnea. People have different needs, preferences and face shapes. The mask connects to the CPAP machine via the hose or tubing and comes in various styles, sizes, and materials.

There are seven different types of CPAP masks available. However, there are three commonly prescribed CPAP masks doctors turn to when treating sleep apnea patients with a CPAP machine:

  • Full face masks
  • Nasal masks
  • Nasal pillow masks

Some of the most common reasons why you would need a full face mask are:

  • You have chronic sinus issues or allergies and it is not possible to breathe solely through your nose.
  • Your mouth drops open during sleep and using a chinstrap with a nasal type of mask wasn’t working for you.

Nasal & Nasal Pillow Mask create a seal at the base of the nostril where the cushion sits. This is the least invasive style of CPAP mask and provides a clear field of vision, ideal for reading or watching TV.