Medical Instrument Trolley


This medicine trolley is made of stainless steel material so that it can be used for a long time. It has four wheels so it can be easily pushed anywhere. There are three levels where the hospital can keep the necessary medicine. Its net weight is 13Kg, and size is 50 x 500 x 900mm.


Hospital Instrument Trolleys are fabricated from stainless steel and can be found employed in a range of hospitals. We offer two shelves for storage purposes, with rails securing the bottom one and three sides of the top one. The wheels have locking locks to render it safe to transport even hazardous substances.

Hospital Instrument Trolleys are manufactured employing quality stainless steel, so they work well as an item purchased by various hospitals. Customers love how durable our trolley’s design is due to its durability and because it has been made with anti-corrosive properties that last for years! One purchase gives you four robust swivel castors

Applicable : This cart is great for hospitals, dental clinics, beauty salons, hotels and other professional places.


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