AirMini P10 Setup Pack


When you want to gain the most from your ResMed AirMini CPAP machine, choose the AirMini Setup Pack. The AirFit P10 nasal Pillow CPAP included in your pack allows for a user-friendly mask experience from clean-up and assembly to nightly use. And the pack includes useful extras such as HumidX and HumidXPlus for managing your CPAP therapy in varied climates.

ResMed AirMini P10 Setup Pack – Features

  • No headgear clips for quick and easy fit-elastic headgear straps for secure comfort
  • HumidX Waterless Humidification for more comfortable CPAP  humidification in any climate
  • Flexible tubing for changing bedtime positions
  • The compact under-the-nose design makes it easy to watch TV or read while wearing your CPAP mask
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