Medical Bed Price in BD

When it comes to healthcare, the quality and comfort of medical beds are crucial for patient recovery. In Bangladesh, the demand for Medical Bed Price in BD is growing rapidly. Consequently, this guide will give you a quick overview of medical bed prices in Bangladesh, thus helping you make an informed choice.

Types of Medical Beds

Different types of medical beds are available, each serving specific needs:

  • Manual Hospital Beds: These are cost-effective and adjusted manually.
  • Electric Hospital Beds: They offer electronic adjustments for more comfort.
  • ICU Beds: These are designed for intensive care units with advanced features.
  • Home Care Beds: Suitable for home settings and reasonably priced.

Factors Affecting Prices

Several factors influence the prices of medical beds in Bangladesh. Firstly, the type of bed is a significant factor; manual beds are usually cheaper than electric and ICU beds. Moreover, advanced features like electronic controls and side rails increase the price. Additionally, the brand plays a role as renowned brands cost more due to higher quality and reliability. Furthermore, the material used, such as stainless steel or aluminum, often makes beds more expensive.

Average Price Range

Here is the average price range of medical beds in Bangladesh:

  • Manual Hospital Beds: BDT 10,000 – BDT 50,000
  • Electric Hospital Beds: BDT 70,000 – BDT 90,000
  • ICU Beds: BDT 90,000 – BDT 150,000
  • Home Care Beds: BDT 20,000 – BDT 50,000

Where to Buy

You can buy medical beds from various suppliers, both online and offline. For instance, trusted sources include:

  • CPAPBD: They offer a wide range of medical equipment, including high-quality beds.
  • Ethan Medical Ins.: Located at 144-144/1 Green Road, Level-3, Farmgate, Dhaka, Cell # 01917733210, provides various medical beds for different needs.

In conclusion, for reliable and affordable options, consider suppliers like www.CPAPBD.COM and Ethan Medical Ins.

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