Portable Travel CPAP Machine for Sleep Apnea, Breas Z1 travel CPAP machine will keep you on the move with a compact size offering top-quality therapy and waterless humidification.

The world’s smallest, lightest, most integrated CPAP machine.
In development for four years, HDM looked at every part and component in a CPAP machine and relentlessly attempted to improve upon it. From a smaller motor to a more compact circuit board, HDM whittled away every ounce of wasted space until they arrived at the Z1; the smallest, lightest, most portable cpap machine in the world.
Small enough to travel. Powerful enough to be used every day.
The Z1 is an ideal travel machine. It literally fits in the palm of your hand so you will never have to leave your CPAP at home.

Very quiet 26 dBA operation
The Z1 only makes 26 dBA of sound during operation. By cpap industry standards that is considered to be exceptionally quiet. In fact, the Z1 is one of the quietest machines on the market.
Extremely light. Only 10 oz
The Z1 is the lightest cpap machine available anywhere. At only 10 ounces it is a great everyday machine that is also ideal for travel.
Included PowerShell integrated battery
The Z1 Unplugged features an integrated battery system that we call the PowerShell. It delivers a full night of cord-free power on a fully-charged battery.
Data capable with free software (download required)
The Z1 is data-capable and records all information on events and compliance. With our free software*, data is presented in a user-friendly interface where you can track your progress.

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